All site plans, photos, graphic images, renderings and any other information represented on this website are simulated views for illustrative purposes only and are provided to assist the potential investor in visualizing the project, and may not be accurately represented or faithfully represented. the final image of the product, which may be altered at any time; Therefore, the developer does not guarantee that the villas represented on this website will ultimately appear as shown. Photos, drawings and other visual representations of the project and units contained on this website should not be considered a basis for investment decisions. Tokencrowd S.L. disclaims all liability that may arise from errors or omissions in the content of this website, including claims for actual or consequential damages.

This is a graphic and artistic representation of the developer’s currently proposed design for the project, which continues to evolve and is subject to change without notice. Tokencrowd S.L. does not own or control the lands outside or adjacent to the project and does not guarantee their current or future use.

Tokencrowd S.L. does not represent or warrant that the actual views from the villas will conform to the views shown, nor that existing views will not be obstructed in the future. Prospective buyers are advised that: (a) there are no protected views in the project and the existence or unobstructed continuity of any views in the villas is not guaranteed; (b) any view from a villa is not considered part of the value of the villa and is not guaranteed, and the developer makes no representation or warranty regarding the effect of the view on the value of the villa; and (c) any future development, construction, landscaping, growth of trees and vegetation or other facilities or improvements carried out by the developer or other owners, or property owners in the vicinity of the project, may affect the view from the villa.

Disclaimer on the possible profitability scenario (disclaimer)

This website does not provide any type of investment recommendation, legal, tax, financial or other type or type of advice, and you must consult your own advisors for these purposes. Furthermore, the information contained on this website does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular natural or legal person.

The information provided on this website does not guarantee obtaining a certain result, return, profit or profitability coming from or derived from any real estate investment product that is included in it, or contracted, or that is contracted in the future. The announcement of past returns does not constitute a promise or guarantee of future returns. In no case Tokencrowd S.L. contractually guarantees returns. Any information that, due to its characteristics, could be considered a future perspective of any type, should at no time be assumed to be true, as it is subject to risks, uncertainty and market and business factors, applicable regulatory changes, fluctuations in interest rates. exchange and rates, among others.

Likewise, before deciding to contract any product or service, you must fully understand by yourself, or in consultation with your respective advisors, all the terms, conditions and risks inherent to each product or service that is included in it, or contracted. , or that you intend to contract, with Tokencrowd S.L. Prospective investors are strongly advised to seek professional advice from appropriate professionals in relation to applicable laws and regulations, including the economic and tax impact in their own countries of residence or any other applicable jurisdiction, before engaging in investment activities.

The contents of this website are for informational or merely illustrative purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be used or considered as an offer to sell, a request for an offer to buy or a recommendation to carry out any other operation or transaction, unless expressly indicated.

Risk Warning in Published Projects

The investment in the projects published on the Tokencrowd S.L. website may entail certain risks, such as the risk of total or partial loss of the invested capital, of not obtaining the expected monetary return or of lack of liquidity. Therefore, we caution investors to only invest an amount they are willing to lose and suggest they diversify their investments to minimize and mitigate potential risks.

The main risks may be the following:

Risk of total or partial loss of the invested capital.

Investments made on the Tokencrowd S.L. platform They are not guaranteed, so there is a risk of losing all or part of the invested capital.

Risk of not obtaining the expected monetary return.

The profitability and value of the investment will depend on the success of the project in which the investment is made. Therefore, if the planned objectives of the project are not achieved, the investor may not obtain the expected profitability and even, in negative scenarios, could lose all or part of the money invested.

Investments made through the platform are not guaranteed. That is, neither the Tokencrowd S.L. Neither the project promoters guarantee the recovery of the investment nor the obtaining of a minimum return. There is also no guarantee fund that guarantees the recovery of the investment or the obtaining of a minimum return.

Risk of lack of liquidity of the investment, resulting from the restrictions on free transfer inherent to the legal regime of limited capital companies.

Warns of the risk of lack of liquidity, caused by the difficulty or impossibility of an investor being able to transfer their shares after having acquired them. In this sense, the restrictions inherent to the free transferability of the shares that are inherent to the legal regime of the limited companies that have issued them must be taken into account, as well as the restrictions that have been established in the bylaws or shareholders’ agreements of the same.

Risk of dilution of participation in the SL

Investments made through Tokencrowd S.L. may be subject to future dilution. Dilution occurs when a company issues more shares. The dilution affects all existing partners who do not acquire any of the new shares. As a consequence, the participation of partners is reduced.

Risk of not receiving dividends

The capital gains will be distributed among the investors in their capacity as partners, using the method that maximizes the return on their investment. The projects published on Tokencrowd S.L. They are real estate, and depending on their characteristics they can be focused on the short or long term. Therefore, in some cases, dividends will not be received but capital gains will be received in the liquidation of the limited company, without obtaining a certain return being guaranteed.

Risk of not being able to influence the management of the company

Investors will not be able to influence the management of the companies financed through the crowdfunding platform.

The information published by Tokencrowd S.L. on its website is for informational purposes only and in no case can it be considered as recommendations to investors.

Disclaimer updated May 30, 2024